Men and Women Should Know Their Testosterone Level

Do you know what your testosterone level is? You should. Your testosterone level does a lot more than determine your sex drive. It is a major factor in determining the quality of your life.

Testosterone has many functions. It is responsible for many of the attributes men have. It increases muscle mass and tone, makes the voice deeper and matures the reproductive system when puberty hits, helps hair grow on the body and face, and gives a person their libido, or sex drive. It also gives a person a general feeling of well being. It makes people feel good.

Your testosterone level determines the extent of these effects. Someone with a high testosterone level is more likely to have more muscle, more body hair, and have a deeper voice. Someone with a lower testosterone level is likely to be the opposite with a higher voice, less body hair, and less muscle mass.

Both men and women produce testosterone. However, testosterone is an androgen, or a male hormone, so men have much higher levels than women. That is why men have male attributes while women don’t. Women have about 1/7 the amount of testosterone that men do, so women will not develop large muscles, have a deep voice, etc.

Testosterone is produced primarily in the gonads. The testes produce it in men while the ovaries produce it in women. The adrenal glands also produce small amounts. Luteinizing hormone, LH, starts the production of testosterone. LH is produced in the pituitary gland and stimulates the testes to produce testosterone.

Average Testosterone Level

The average testosterone level varies greatly from person to person. Some studies say the average testosterone level for men can be as little as 280 ng/dl to 1080 ng/dl. Many factors determine what normal is.

Whatever normal is for you, testosterone helps maintain your health. Those with low levels risk osteoporosis, depression and heart problems.

Average testosterone levels are determined by a number of factors. First and foremost, your genetics play a large role. Some people are smaller and have less of the hormone, while others are larger and have more of the hormone. Your parents determine how much you may produce.

Another factor is your lifestyle choices. People who take health risks like smoking will decrease the testosterone level of their body. One of the big culprits of low testosterone levels is the over consumption of alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the production of luteinizing hormone. Therefore, less testosterone is produced overall.

Diet determines the average testosterone level as well. Not eating enough will decrease levels while overindulging in unhealthy foods will also inhibit production.

A lack of physical activity can also reduce levels. Exercise increases blood flow. Increased blood flow helps stimulate the whole body, including the testosterone producing glands. So those who exercise regularly will have a higher level of testosterone in their body.

Natural Supplements Boost Testosterone

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